About K Micro College
Welcome to the K Micro College.

Micro Colleges are any form of concentrated post-secondary education oriented around the minimum entry point into a particular profession.With literally millions of people needing to shift careers every year, and the long drawn out cycles of traditional colleges being a poor solution for time-crunched rank-and-file displaced workers, we are seeing a massive new opportunity arising for short-term, pre-apprenticeship training.

According to Thomas Frey,Micro Colleges exist because traditional college takes too long and costs too much for people who just need to retool themselves for the changing job market.

Many Micro Colleges will fall into the category we often refer to as vocational training, a term poorly suited for the professional craftsmen, artisans, and technicians they will be producing. Since status and credentialing are critical elements of every career choice, any training producing specialized experts will need to come with industry-recognized certifications and titles.

James Lee
President of Micro college

Reskill, Retrain and Retool your career in K micro college.